Discover what users think about the content of your website

using card sorting

What is card sorting?

Card sorting is a UX research method in which study participants group individual labels into different categories according to the criteria that make sense to them.

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" Card sort aims to research how people understand information."

Let users, your testers, organize given content into categories. Create a new card sorting activity, share it online with your respondents, gather data, optimize and make your content structure based on that.

How It Works?

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Define Cards & Choose Type

Define Your Cards

Create your cards and discover how people think about grouping them into categories. Each card represents a content item from your website.

Recruit The Participants

You can start with your users, email them an invite link or recruit directly from your website. Use social media, share your study and offer a reward.

Analyze The Results

It’s time to look at the results. Use these advanced techniques on how to interpret the results of your Card Sorting session.

Types Of Card Sorting


Testers sort cards into groups which they
label themselves

Great choice when you want to understand how              users group your content.


You give respondents categories to sort the cards into.

When you want to find out how users match cards  with existing content structure.


Respondents sort your cards into defined categories or create their own.

Validate information grouping strategy while still leaving respondents room for free expression.


Discover all the advantages of Card Sorting

It's Simple

This exercise is easy to explain. You don’t need a ton of instructions for your testers.

It's Cheap

Many card-sorting online tools have a free trial so you can do research using their online software.

It's Quick

It takes about 15 minutes depending on the number of cards and type of Card Sorting you choose.

It's Insightful

This activity will point out hidden opportunities on how to make the content of your project better.

According To The Latest Statistics

40% of your potential customers leave the website because they can't find something.

Stop Loosing Clients, Start Your First Card Sort

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