The Best Free & Paid Optimal Workshop Alternatives in 2024

Here is the best guide for finding the top-rated free and paid card sorting alternatives to Optimal Workshop in 2024!

We’ll be looking at some innovative platforms that are set to transform your UX research experience. These options provide new perspectives and a broad range of capabilities to advance your card sorting studies, despite your experience level in the industry.

Best Alternatives to Optimal Workshop online card sorting tools & software for 2024:

  1. UXtweak
  2. UserZoom
  3. Lyssna (previously UsabilityHub) 
  4. Lookback
  5. Maze 
  6. Userlytics
Optimal Workshop alternatives
UserZoom alternatives

This platform offers another solid choice of alternatives to Optimal Workshop. A full range of user research tools are available in UXtweak, including a powerful card sorting feature. For researchers of all skill levels, UXtweak simplifies card sorting studies easier with its easy-to-use design and adaptable features. Thanks to the real-time feedback features and detailed analytics, researchers can easily assess the results. 


  • Card sorting studies are easy to design and conduct
  • Customizable tasks according to your specific research needs
  • Comprehensive analytics and real-time feedback


  • There can be feature restrictions in the UXtweak free version

Pricing: Free plan available with some featuresPaid plans are starting at $59/month. 


Overall 4.8/5

Ease of use 4.7/5

Customer support 5/5

Optimal Workshop alternatives

With a full suite of tools featuring solid card sorting features, UserZoom is a flexible platform that meets what’s needed by UX researchers. This platform is another option to Optimal Workshop. Research on card sorting may be done swiftly because of its large participant pool.


  • Participants pool enables researchers to conduct studies with different demographic groups and user segments
  • Advanced analytics and reporting features


  • Beginner-level researchers may find it more difficult to navigate and master the platform 
  • When compared to some other options, UserZoom’s price plans could be slightly more costly.

Pricing: Starter Plan provides a short 14-day trial. Paid options for UserZoom begin at $250 per month. 


Overall 4.4/5

Ease of use 4.5/5

Customer support 4.7/5

userzoom alternatives card sorting

Lyssna is an easy-to-use card sorting tool that makes information organized into clear categories quickly. Researchers may easily perform card sorting studies for important insights into what customers want and expect with Lyssna’s platform.


  • Contact your target audience via a link or recruit with an integrated pool
  • Personalized template messages 
  • Advanced analytics


  • Limited diversity and size of the participant sample

Pricing: A short 14-day trial is offered by Starter Plan. UserZoom’s premium plans start at $250 a month. 


Overall 4.7/5

Ease of use 4.7/5

Customer support 4.9/5

userzoom alternatives card sorting

Lookback is another platform that provides several useful UX research tools. Researchers are able to get important input from participants thanks to the recordings. Consider this platform as an equal alternative to Optimal Workshop.


  • Customizable studies
  • Detailed analytics 
  • Audio and screen recordings 


  • May be slightly less affordable compared to other tools 

Pricing: A short 14-day trial is offered by Starter Plan. UserZoom’s premium plans start at $250 a month. 


Overall 3.4/5

Ease of use 3.6/5

Customer support 2.2/5

5. Maze

userzoom alternatives card sorting

Maze is well-known for its intuitive design and real-time feedback features, which make it a favorite among UX researchers. Its sophisticated analytics offer an in-depth understanding of user behavior, which leads to more accurate design decisions.



  • Researchers are able to make changes during card-sorting studies 
  • Collaborative communication and sharing details among team members
  • Drag-and-drop tasks


  • Some advanced features are available only in paid plans

Pricing: Starter Plan offers a 14-day trial. The monthly cost of UserZoom’s premium plans starts at $250. 


Overall 4.5/5

Ease of use 4.3/5

Customer support 3.9/5

userzoom alternatives card sorting

Userlytics is another top platform for conducting card sorting studies with ease. You will also have all the tools necessary to improve your website or app thanks to customizable tasks and advanced analytics.


  • Enables you to get your results quickly
  • Accessible pricing plans for researchers 


  • Less detailed analytics than other UX platforms 
  • Less diverse participant pool 

Pricing: Starter Plan has a trial period of 14 days. UserZoom’s premium plans have a monthly starting price of $250. 


Overall 4.6/5

Ease of use 4.5/5

Customer support 4.9/5

That’s it!

There are many amazing alternatives to Optimal Workshop for conducting card sorting studies. If you prefer a free alternative or have money to spend on a subscription platform, you’ll find a solution available that helps you improve your project. Each of the alternatives described above offers notable features, pros, and cons, pricing options, and reviews from users. Your website or app can be improved by collecting detailed data about user behavior and preferences using the right tool.

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Are the free alternatives as effective as Optimal Workshop for conducting UX research?

Of course, a number of the free alternatives mentioned in the article have features and functions that are equivalent to those of Optimal Workshop, making them excellent options for UX research.

Can I upgrade to a paid plan from free plan if I need more advanced features?

Yes! For customers who need more advanced functionality or work on larger-scale projects, most of the platforms in our review provide subscription plans with more features.